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Catalyst - noun
The circumstance that thrusts the characters into the story.
The inciting incident.

There is no GM to guide us. A lull befalls the table.
The silence grows awkward. No one is sure what to do next.
Catalyst Cards take the classic GM responsibilities and passes them around the table to each player, to aid in GMless games.Catalyst Cards are designed as prompts to inspire story ideas and drive narrative in tabletop roleplaying games without a game master - solo, duet, or GMless TTRPGs.The 18 card pack provides prompts to establish the scene, present challenges, reveal clues, create characters and creatures, increase tension, and more. Distribute the cards at the start of the session, and when a card is used, trade it with another player.Included is also a Companion Booklet that deep dives into the narrative benefits of each prompt and how to use the card at the table.

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